AMAU Arts is…

The House of AMAU (the ‘mau’ syllable is pronounced as in the Kenyan Mau Mau) is a not for profit Afrikan heritage arts focusedvoluntary organization. The letters A, M, A & U represent; ‘AMBA Publications’ – literature & publishing; ‘Morningside Music’ – recording & production;Anansi Dramatic’ – stage, film & TV productions; & ‘Ultra Promo’ – entertainment management; the four semi-autonomous elements (or rooms) of the organization. All AMAU projects and activity are delivered through one or other of these units, with the principal function of ‘Ultra Promo’ to promote and manage live events initiated by the other three rooms.

In 1986 a group of Hackney based Afrikan Caribbean artists disillusioned by the lack of mainstream support available to them set up a self help initiative. The project was called The Artist and Music Promotion Service (AMPS). With its slogan “Come Forward” and its vision of, ‘the higher aspirations and attainment of Afrikan Caribbean artists’, AMPS created opportunities for artists to develop their art and integrate more effectively with artists from other communities. In 1988 AMPS in partnership with BASCO (Black Arts, Sports and Cultural Organization) combined to publish ‘Black I Am – an Anthology of Poetry and Prose. In 2000 the organization was rebranded as House of AMPS (H-AMPS) and then again in 2011 as the House of AMAU. The AMBA room is in acknowledgement of this partnership.

From its inception and regardless of name, the organization has been successfully delivering cultural arts projects and has remained at the forefront of campaigning for the recognition, by statutory and strategic agencies, of the value of Afrikan heritage led arts organizations – all this without any significant or core funding. House of AMAU as ever, is about combining talent with the pursuit of excellence and the determination to succeed. It is also about ensuring that artists and those responsible for producing art are rewarded for their efforts.  To this end the organization will work with any individual, organization or group with the same or similar objectives or interests.

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