About Us

Our objective is:

  • the carrying on of a business involved in trading, production, promotion and training in a broad range of art forms and arts administration

Our aims are to:

  • support the development of Afrikan heritage art and artists
  • Acknowledge contributions of Afrikan heritage artists historically, contemporary and emerging
  • produce and market work created by Afrikan heritage artists
  • support the work of organisations involved in the production of work by Arikans across the Diaspora
  • plan, organize and promote events, projects, conferences and other activity that benefit Afrikan heritage and other artists
  • represent the interest of Afrikan heritage by engaging with; appropriate local and regional structures, strategic partnerships, and with other bodies, institutions and individuals whose activities impact on the arts
  • Create both paid and volunteering opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the arts as a creative or an administrator.


The House of AMAU operates as four semi-autonomous ‘rooms’ through which all activity is delivered.

AMBA PUBLICATIONS (literature & publishing) Lead: Ngoma Bishop

MORNINGSIDE MUSIC (productions and recording)

ANANSI DRAMATIC (theatre & drama)

ULTRA-PROMO (live events) Lead: Douglas Williams



Afrika and Diaspora Afrika and Diaspora Writers Appreciation Evenings (AMBA)

Afrikan Heritage Writers (AMBA)

UK Afrikan Heritage Achievers Award (Ultra-Promo)

Quarterly House of AMAU Variety Event (Ultra-Promo): currently at the Attic – Hackney Picture House


Celebrating the richness and diversity of Afrikan heritage writers past and contemporary throughout the diaspora, through the reading of their work and audience participatory discussion on its impact.


The Afrikan Heritage Writers Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. It was started in 2008, meeting in Homerton Library east London, before moving to its current home in the Dalston CLR James Library a few years later. It might well be the longest running such group in London. The group is a flagship project of the House of AMAU and the longest running one.

This mutual support group welcomes novelists, short-story writers, playwrights, poets and other creative writers. It is a development forum where participants can try out new material and share ideas in a friendly and informal atmosphere, giving and receiving helpful feedback.  There is a mentor mentee arrangement that enables the more seasoned writers to pass their experiences the others.

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